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Where can you find Fast Reliable Contract Free Internet With Immediate Activation?

Do you want fast reliable Internet, as you have come to expect after an overseas visit or from having seen it in action at one of the few that uses our services?
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It is a simple procedure to get fast reliable Internet at your Home and / or Office:

  • Fill in the Enquiry Form
  • Select a date and pay for a comprehensive signal test
    (the test is to determine signal quality to allow best low cost network selection as well as the equipment that will be needed)
  • Choose the package you need, pay, and go.
  • No Contracts,
  • No Debit Orders,
  • No Credit Checks and tons of paperwork,
  • No nasty bill surprises,
  • No hassles!

Capped or Uncapped? Which is the BEST option?

IS THIS AN UNCAPPED SERVICE?  -  No, it's not an uncapped service.

But you may ask - Why Not? 
Please read the paragraph below: 

The fact is that every service or product costs money, and this is true for Data Usage as well.

The only way that ANY service provider can give away something, either for free or really cheap, is to get it for free or really cheap themselves.

In order for them to offer these uncapped solutions at the low prices they do, the service providers have to set down rules and regulations (the dreaded "AUP" - Acceptable Usage Policy) to regulate the amount of customers as well as what the customers can do on their network. Read More...

Have a look at the speed before and after right here in SA:

Compare the new speed with the customer's old speed results:


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Where can you get the best and most reliable contract free, internet connection to stream netflix and showmax movies? Telworld of course! Connect your PVR and be sure to never miss another episode because you have reloable fast broadband, an ultra fast connection, wireless internet at the best! We provide wifi in Brakpan, Boksburg, Benoni, Germiston, Edenvale, Kempton Park, Cape Town and surrounding areas. Evwn if you have no coverage or limited internet coverage, we can help!. Come to us for max internet speed, immediate activation and a fast reliable internet connection.